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Snuba Instructors in Maui, Hawaii


About Our Snuba Instructors

All of our instructors at Gotcha Snuba are Scuba & Snuba certified. They all LOVE what they do and are excited to be able to share it with you. We have two main priorities when it comes to your Snuba dive.

1. Make sure everyone is safe.

2. Provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

Reserve your spot now and see why we love what we do so much!


Joe White

Maui Snuba Guide

Joe loves the joy in our guest's faces when they get done Snuba diving with him. When he is not showing people the underwater world you can find him at his favorite Maui beaches fishing or hanging with his friends at Big Beach here in Maui.


Kiwini Hall

Maui Snuba Guide

Kiwini finds joy in providing a new experience to our Maui guests through Snuba Diving and LOVES every minute of it! When he is not underwater you can find him ON the water training and racing for the Na Kai Ewalu Canoe Club.


Reed Egge

Maui Snuba Guide

Reed really loves when he has the chance to get whole families comfortable underwater and giving them the chance to experience Snuba diving together while visiting Maui. When he is not showing everyone a good time he is hanging with the family, camping and also loves motocross.


Marcella Mondejar

Maui Snuba Guide & Owner

Marcella gets excited to share the underwater world of Maui with guests through Snuba Diving. She particularly loves when she can help someone do it who otherwise did not think they could. Oh, and also loves helping people knock things off of those bucket lists! When she is not Snuba Diving she enjoys training / running marathons or walking her two Portuguese Water Dogs on the beach.

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