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Swim with Tropical Fish


About SNUBA Diving in Maui, Hawaii

SNUBA is the perfect cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. While breathing through a simple-to-use regulator that’s connected to an air supply that floats comfortably at the water’s surface, SNUBA allows you to explore a three-dimensional underwater world you simply can’t enjoy when snorkeling! SNUBA can be enjoyed at any depth – at the surface, 2 feet, 10 feet or even 20 feet – without any certification or heavy, cumbersome air tanks. A highly trained and certified SNUBA Guide will even be with you throughout your entire tour!

• Fun activities for kids in Maui, HI

• An beautiful Maui experience for couples and honeymooners

• Great activity for groups in Maui

• For people of all ages


Snuba Diving Gear

Gotcha Snuba provides all of the equipment you will need for your Snuba dive on the Maui Magic. As you can see, you only need these six simple things -- and note one of them is not that large, cumbersome air tank that is strapped to your back when Scuba Diving. It is instead safely floating on the surface so you do not have to worry about it.

  1. Air line that goes to the tank on the surface.

  2. Mask to allow you to see life under the sea.

  3. Regulator that allows you to breath under water.

  4. Harness that keeps your air line strapped to you.

  5. Weight Belt neutrally buoyant in the water.

  6. Fins to help you swim freely.

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